Objectives & Strategies

  • Become a major global commercial investment group.
  • Markets and maximizes shareholder value.
  • Be recognized as the preferred strategic partner for local, regional and international investors
  • Attract and retain the most qualified professionals and be acknowledged as a leading employer in the region.
  • Contribute to the development of society and become a renowned, responsible corporate citizen.
  • Capitalize on government support and private investment opportunities in the real estate, industrial, services and infrastructure sectors to deliver superior returns.
  • Create strategic partnerships with prominent regional and international companies and benefit from their technical knowledge and experience.
  • Benefit from our competitive advantage and expertise in project development and management and transfer this knowledge to other regional markets

We operate according to a flexible investment horizon and aim to increase portfolio exposure by scouring for and capitalizing on lucrative openings locally, regionally and internationally. Prominent subsidiaries and quality assets are added to our portfolio through:

  • Acquiring stakes in existing companies.
  • Subscribing as a founder to new companies with high indicators for success.
  • Investing in exceptional pioneering projects that hold strong potential for revenue generation.
  • Formation of new business, companies, and joint ventures.